One week after the release of The Incredible Hulk, I figured it was just late enough to bring out my old The Hulk movie collectibles and put them up for auction. What are we speaking of here? Well, there’s the DVD itself, two movie passes (placed in the DVD case), seven cups (1 from the movie concession stand, 3 from 7/11, and 3 COLD ACTIVATED cups also from 7/11), a popcorn pail, and all of it packed away in a box where I drew the Hulk on one side.
The DVD was only lightly watched once or twice and then placed away on a shelf to never see the light of day. The cups were only used once and washed immediately after the consumption of the delicious Slurpee beverage. The pail has had a more lively life experience: used for the original purpose of eating buttered popcorn, and then given to my mom where she used it to store Thor knows what… but is still in very nice condition.
All of this was wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a largish box. The art on the box was done by me, Tony, with blue pencil, inked with archival pens, and coloured by state-of-the-art pencil crayons.

Start the bidding!