There are actually a few items that I’ve been saving up to let loose:

Great discounts on the shipping (because, seriously, the price of shipping is ridiculous) for the holiday season (or Christmas- there’s a war on Christmas, y’know!).

Check out the Store where you can buy the awesome books and stylish t-shirts!

Speaking of Chistmas/Holidays, for several years now, I have been sending Holiday Postcards to the kind readers that opted in to the Cigarro & Cerveja mailing list. Now that there exists RSS feeds and the comic strip is daily, the mailing list has become obsolete. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to send you a lovely postcard this upcoming holiday season.

I’m not that good at coding up a new opt-in mailing list so maybe you could just e-mail me if you want to get the hottest postcard since last year’s hott postcard. My e-mail address is  and for the subject line write “Christmas Postcard”. Remember to include your name and address in the body of the e-mail and I’ll send a reply once I’ve added your address to my “database”. If you don’t receive a reply in one week, you can try sending it again… sometimes some e-mails get lost in the interweb ether.

Do you have a Livejournal account? Did you know that Cigarro & Cerveja comics could be your Livejournal friend? Well, they can. Sort of… is the Syndication user(?) that if you add as a friend, the comics from here will show up as a Livejournal entry. In the meantime, I’ll have to practice writing witty paragraphs and then you can read my Livejournal too.

Until then…

I know that I mentioned the good ol’ Facebook before… but I added a button on the right side of this site to the Cigarro & Cerveja Comic Party (which you can join and invite your friends to join).

But that’s not all. There is an application that you can add to your Facebook profile that will allow you to have Cigarro & Cerveja comics featured on your Facepage!(as well as some other great comics too.)

That application is called Profile Comics which you can find here:

Oh, and if you add the Profile Comics application and ch0ose to display my comic… would it be rude of me to ask that you don’t put the application at the bottom of your profile under your virtual aquarium or your virtual pet that hasn’t been fed in months?

…I’m just saying I don’t want my comic to be neglected- that’s all.

I should just mention that the Myspace page for Cigarro & Cerveja still exists (even if I haven’t been paying too much attention to it since Facebook came on the scene)… I really should remedy that.