On September 17, 2008, Cigarro & Cerveja will be ten years old. I never imagined that the little comic strip that I handed in to the University newspaper would be still going years after I had graduated. I’m very proud of it and I love drawing Cigarro and Cerveja and their crazy hijinx.

I saddens me to say that, on the tenth anniversary, Cigarro & Cerveja will be wrapping up.

15 years ago I drew my first comic. It was an incredible feeling to see my superheroes fight their archenemies on the page with non-archival ink (which bled pink through the bristol months later). I want to return to those stories. I’ll be trying my hand at creating an epic adventure story with burly macho men and lavish beauties. This will be a new challenge for me since I have been drawing funny animals for quite some time now.

Just because I’m choosing to go a new path doesn’t mean that Cigarro & Cerveja is dead or abandoned. C&C are very much a part of me and a way that I use to express myself. You may see strips pop up in the future similar to a personal blog rather than a regularly updated webcomic.

I offer my deepest thanks to all of you who have continued to read the comic and have given me so much support over the years. I regret that my decision may be a disappointment to you but I do hope that you will understand and find my next project to be to your liking.

Warmest wishes,