Yes, Cigarro & Cerveja is 20 years old. This is exciting news especially since I had officially ended the comic strip ten years ago.
In 2008, I felt like I was spinning my wheels, going nowhere, and burning out. I thought that the comic strip was a way to seek out the attention I craved that I didn’t realize how much it was a vehicle to express myself… to exorcise my thoughts… a part of me.
In preparation of the twentieth anniversary, I delved through the comic archive and coloured some of my favourite of the black and white strips. Along with that came memories (good and bad) as well as moments when I couldn’t believe what I had drawn.
A lot can happen in twenty years – here’s hoping for more personal growth and development.

I drew a few guest comics for some very lovely people for this anniversary (as it is September 17th – the day of guest comics).

The last thing I would like to mention is that I will be at the Edmonton Expo from September 21 – 23 , 2018 at Booth 100

DM me through social media if you are interested in any commissions for the show: Instagram   |   Facebook   |   Twitter