My comic isn’t really all that political. Every once in a while the characters display their respective partisan ideals but that’s really the extent of it. This blog post may be a bit more political than necessary.

 Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the past and thinking of where I was on September 11, 2001. I saw the first plane on the television morning news before I went to work and I listened to the radio on my drive where I heard of the second plane. When I turned on the televisions of the home electronics department I made sure all the channels were set to the news. As people walked by the displayed TVs and watched, I heard the anger at the attacks in New York. Some vulgar language was used and some extreme measures were suggested. It was obvious that Canadians are upset that our neighbours and fellow man were attacked. It’s not unreasonable that Canada sent troops into Afghanistan to fight the Taliban.

Just a few days ago:

 President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice praised Canada and other allies Thursday for their combat roles in Afghanistan while saying the U.S. administration is worried NATO countries will eventually tire of the mission and leave.

I understand the worry. The war in Iraq is a public relations nightmare. You’ve probably heard it all before: missing WMDs, unjustified, Saddam in a spider hole, green zones, sectarian violence, insurgents, and the surge. CNN’s and 60 Minutes’ Anderson Cooper has titled the U.S. Military efforts in Afghanistan the ‘forgotten war’ because Iraq has the spotlight.

I think that it’s easy to feel that the United States have vacated Afghanistan and left the NATO troops to clean up. That, if the occupation of Iraq didn’t happen, Afghanistan would have been experiencing progress a lot faster and more Canadian troops would be home for Christmas.

 My heart goes out to the all the troops serving in Afghanistan and their families this Christmas. It’s possible that you are the forgotten heroes but there will always be some of us who remember why you’re fighting.

Merry Christmas!