I have a small secret to share with you: I get bummed out after comic conventions. It’s not because the conventions are gloomy or produce “sad gas” (I really like going to conventions)- I think it’s just because they screw around with my focus. I find that when I go to conventions I enter into “sales-zombie” mode. As a sales-zombie I begin to interpret sales as validation for the comic. If sales are bad I ask myself if I should keep drawing the comic and I consider retiring. If sales are good I ask myself “How can I sell more?” because I’m seeking more validation and I begin to neglect an important aspect of the comic: creation. I had a case of writer’s block after this last convention. I was really happy at the positive outcome of the expo, making plans for the next convention, and not really thinking about what I’m going to write for the next comic… and that bums me out. Luckily, I was able to take this “sales-zombie” mentality and make fun of it in a comic. The free market may be necessary in order to make money (and survive in this world) but it shouldn’t be used to measure importance. The comics are what’s important to me and any sales are a bonus.