Last Tuesday, I, myself, got a massage from a robot at the West Edmonton Mall. Why? Well, After the long drive to Calgary and back I had a bit of a knot between my shoulder blades, after headbanging to some Death Note theme song my neck was a bit sore, my lower back was bugging me a bit (reason unknown), and because there are so many different techniques- I didn’t know which one I needed for my symtoms and I didn’t want to schedule an appointment. Was it good? Well, it was pretty good except for the ticklish parts. The damn machine doesn’t recognize when I start tensing up. If I could recommend anything: bring a decent bathrobe for after the massage. The warm water and the pressure of the jets gets you to sweat a little bit- and if you’re walking around after- you might catch a chill. Although I don’t know how you feel about walking around a mall in a bathrobe.